Across the pond in the United States, it is not uncommon to be bombarded with ads from various kinds of attorneys. This is because certain kinds of law allow the attorney to receive a percentage of the claim and have no limits to how much money that can be. Therefore, they have an incentive to advertise relentlessly, always looking for the next big score. However, other kinds of law aren’t set up that way. 

    For instance, a disability attorney in Melbourne, Florida is capped at around $9,000 USD for the life of the claim, no matter how much money their client receives. After all, we are talking about a disabled persons case. There must be rules in place to keep most of the money in the client’s hand. 

    Other kinds of law, such as personal injury law, have no such cap. In fact, they can charge up to as much as 40% commission on the case. But both disability and personal injury attorneys only get paid if their client wins their case. That is a one good aspect that both fields of law share. 

    With all of that said, it is clear that you should contact a disability attorney if you are filing a disability claim of any kind. Not only do they only get paid if you do and there is a limit on how much they can get paid, but they also improve your odds of getting approved by over 50%. In America, you only get a couple shots at claiming disability. If you are denied and your appeal is also denied, that is it for a long time. Start the process fully prepared and increase your odds of getting approved by hiring an attorney who specializes in disability cases. 

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