t comes to enhancing the performance of your Commodore, selecting the right rims can make a significant difference. Lightweight rims reduce the unsprung weight, improving acceleration, handling, and braking. In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 lightweight Commodore rims that can help you achieve better speed and overall performance.

    1. Enkei RPF1

    Superior Lightweight Design

    The Enkei RPF1 rims are renowned for their lightweight construction and superior strength. Utilizing Enkei’s MAT (Most Advanced Technology) process, these rims offer a perfect balance between weight reduction and durability. The RPF1’s twin-spoke design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your Commodore but also provides better ventilation for the brakes, improving performance under extreme conditions.

    2. Volk Racing TE37

    Forged Performance

    Volk Racing’s TE37 rims are a top choice for those seeking the ultimate in performance and style. Made from high-quality forged aluminum, these rims are incredibly lightweight and strong. The TE37’s iconic design and impressive performance characteristics make them a favorite among car enthusiasts. Upgrading to these Commodore rims can significantly improve your vehicle’s acceleration and handling.

    3. OZ Racing Ultraleggera

    Italian Engineering Excellence

    The OZ Racing Ultraleggera rims are crafted using advanced flow-forming technology, resulting in a lightweight yet robust structure. These rims are designed to reduce rotational mass, which enhances acceleration and braking performance. The Ultraleggera’s sleek design and high-performance capabilities make them an excellent choice for upgrading your Commodore rims.

    4. BBS FI-R

    Track-Ready Performance

    BBS is synonymous with quality and precision engineering. The BBS FI-R rims are forged from a single piece of aluminum, ensuring exceptional strength and lightness. These rims are designed for track performance, offering improved handling and speed. The unique spoke design also helps in weight reduction while maintaining structural integrity, making them a perfect fit for performance-oriented Commodore owners.

    5. Advanti Racing HY Hybris

    Flow-Formed Innovation

    The Advanti Racing HY Hybris rims utilize flow-forming technology to create a lightweight and strong wheel. These rims are designed to enhance your Commodore’s performance by reducing unsprung weight, leading to better handling and quicker acceleration. The HY Hybris rims offer a stylish design that complements the sporty look of the Commodore while delivering outstanding performance benefits.


    Upgrading to lightweight Commodore rims is one of the best ways to enhance your vehicle’s speed and performance. The rims listed above, including the Enkei RPF1, Volk Racing TE37, OZ Racing Ultraleggera, BBS FI-R, and Advanti Racing HY Hybris, are some of the top choices for those looking to improve their Commodore’s handling, acceleration, and braking. By selecting the right set of lightweight rims, you can achieve a noticeable improvement in your vehicle’s performance and enjoy a more dynamic driving experience.

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